Clarks – The Shoes Every Girl Boss Needs To Own

Posted by September 29, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

Now that office hours get longer and the sun leaves us earlier during the day, we know you are looking for your perfect pair of black heels to match your ideal Office Looks. Let us tell you, we got them and we are about to make you the happiest woman on earth by introducing you to the next pair of heels. These heels are not a common pair of shoes AT ALL, these shoes come from the Clarks planet (situated in a small town in the West coast of England). They are made with care and in a high sense for fashion – which complies especially for all the busy business ladies out there that want to make a statement in and with their shoes.  

Kendra Sienna - Perfection Revealed

Clarks is a brand that is associated with a huge diversity of different shoe types: from casual wear over cozy boots to sexy heels – whatever the heart wants can be found within their collection. The latest addition to the family – once again – combines all the best features a shoe can have. You can run your business looking stylish, chic and without any pain what so ever, enjoying that cozy feeling that you always knew Clarks could offer you. 

The brand has been hand carving these perfect shoe shapes into wood since 1825 and almost two hundred years later they offer the perfect combination of elegance, chicness and snugness. Back in 1825, when London was planting its feet in the fashion world and the Selfridges phenomenon was still a project, the Clark family started creating these supernatural shoes from their humble shoe workshop in the short high street of Street, in the county of Somerset in West England.

Just in case you did not know such a heavenly shoe existed and you are still feeling yesterdays late meeting in your tiny toe, due to your beautiful but uncomfortable office shoes, here is your solution. Clarks can offer you the elegance and superb comfort for a 9 to 9 office day or even more if needed. The Kendra Sienna Pumps are equipped with the unique Cushion Plus™ technology, which makes walking feel like stepping on clouds, while the rubber pod in the forepart of the sole offers grip and flexibility. 

We (and our now happy toes) at Trendsylvania have already joined the Clarks Club, what are you waiting for?

Kendra Sienna LeistenBlack_Edit_WomensKendra Sienna Detail

The Kendra Sienna Pumps For Girl Bosses

I want to work these pumps!

Kendra Sienna Black Pumps





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