It Is Christmas Tomorrow: Spirit Level One Million

Posted by December 23, 2016 - Survival Kit, Things We L@VE

It is C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S tomorrow!! Our level of excitement could not be higher right now. We admit we are probably worst than any kiddo out there, but we seriously could not care less. We are total and absolute Christmas lovers and we cannot wait till the night of the 24th. Throughout this month we have been giving you tips and helpful information on X-mas related stuff, from gifts to outfits and what better way of remembering this than a whole recap of all the Trendsylvania Christmas tips?


Christmas Gifts

When it gets to the gifts we can all feel a little confused and lost and that is exactly why we gave you not just one, but three Christmas Gift Guides this month. Perfect, right? Earlier this month we gave you a General guide for every budget, that offered different types of gifts for the whole family. Later on we did what we believe is extremely helpful, a gift guide for the small budgets. This one is so helpful you will not believe you had not thought of it before. Last but not list we also put together a Luxury Edition Gift Guide that is totally worth a recap. This would be perfect for a really special person or someone that totally deserves an awesome gift this year.


Christmas Makeup Tutorial

We know, Christmas Makeup, say what? Well let us tell you there is a make up look for EVERYTHING and of course there is one for THE DAY too. These make-up tutorials are super simple and chic. They all include a bit of sparkle and glitter and we love it. If you are looking for a festive look this Christmas, these tutorials would match perfectly with your 24th Eve of December Outfit.


Adding Some Christmas Spirit To Your Everyday Looks

Christmas is only once a year and that is exactly why you should enjoy it to the maximum and always add a little bit of spirit to your everyday looks. The items we chose here are all very Christmassy because of their colour. Red and Green are perfect hues to match a dark winter look. We think you should totally consider these items for these last days of Christmas.


10 Items that Totally Deserve A Spot Under Your Christmas Tree

Shoes and Christmas. It seriously does not get any better than that. Here are the ten items that we at Trendsylvania honestly believe, they totally deserve a spot under your Christmas tree tomorrow morning. No excuses! 


Christmas Movies

Finally, we did a good old recap of the best Christmas movies of all times. We cannot think of a better plan than enjoying some fun Christmas movies with popcorn, wearing some cosy winter weekend outfits.


We are ready for you Santa, roll on the presents!

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