Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Right Bag

Posted by July 10, 2015 - Fashion, Things We L@VE

Accessories are important part of any look – and when you think about it you bag is the one accessory that works hardest for you. It holds your things while still setting the mood of your outfit. Think about the difference between a chic backpack and a clutch and how much that influences your outfit. Bags are so much more than just something to hold your things in (although they should be functional). There are three key elements you have to look out for to get the most out your look.



The size is usually determined by what you are planning on doing. The rule of thumb is larger during the day when you are working and need to carry around a lot of things and smaller at night when all you really need is your keys, phone and wallet. 



Color can be a fun thing to play with, if you have a fairly neutral outfit, you can choose a bag with a louder color or cool hardware to be the focal piece of your look.



Different shapes create different styles a baguette or square shape are important for an evening look, while a bowler will be your go to every day bag.

We have created a glossary to identify all the interesting shapes you can chose from – the sky is the limit when it comes to carrying your things!



Photos via WGSN