The Perfect Wedding Shoe

Posted by August 18, 2014 - We L@VE Shoes

Ladies, what is more fun than choosing your shoes for the big day! In all the stress and chaos of planning your wedding, the one solace is shoe shopping! With all the focus usually going on the dress people seem to neglect the importance of a stylish and comfy pair of shoes, I consider this to be a totally missed opportunity. Even if you have a long dress that is no excuse! At a wedding these shoes are absolutely the best for that perfect summer look- whether you are the bride or not.

For the Bride

The shoes can be a fun opportunity to add some spice to your traditionally white get-up without going too bold and unconventional. There is also nothing wrong with staying with a classic white to give you that classic bride look that you have been probably dreaming about since you were little. And let’s be honest- is there a better summer color that white!


Peter Kaiser €140,00


Lazzarini €59,95

For the Maid of Honor

It is your duty as the Maid of Honor to be everything the bride wants you to be, therapist, personal organizer, friend and confidant. It is also you duty to be the best looking guest there- as almost an ambassador to how the rest of the guest should look. We don’t suggest wearing white like Cara Delevingne is, but we absolutely love her shoes!


Lazzarini €69,95


Boss  €229,00

For the Bridesmaids

You never want to outshine the bride, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear hideous attire there is a nice way to walk the line and still look fabulous, just stay away from both black and white!


Kennel & Schmenger €119,00


Vigneron €129,00

For the Guests

Everybody wants to have fun at a wedding, and what better way to have fun than if you know you look good. And hey- it’s also a good opportunity to meet new people, so you definitely want to make sure you look your best!

Fotor0806112220 SMH €29,95


Buffalo €29,95

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