7 Style Lessions We Can Learn From Chiara Ferragni

Posted by April 22, 2016 - Fashion, Things We L@VE

Chiara Ferragni seems to have it all. She is probably the world’s most famous (fashion) blogger. The Crew behind her blog The Blonde Salad is a whole company, located in Milan. She founded her own shoe line, the Chiara Ferragni Collection, which is ver successful. Her wardrobe is just to drool over. She is an Italian living the American dream, with a big house in LA, an apartment in Milan but basically living all over the world. The amazing journeys she makes let her Instagram followers go crazy. She collaborates with the biggest brands of fashion industry as Louis Vuitton or Vogue and sits in the front rows at Chanel and Gucci…

And last but not least: She has the most amazing style! Not only that she always looks flawless, also her style is just gorgeous. No matter what she wears, she can not look NOT awesome. The clothes, bags and shoes she shows in her blogposts immediately become the new it-pieces that every girl wants. At the same time Chiara manages to stay true to herself with her way of dressing. 

So the big upcoming question is: What is the secret behind her unique style? We made a list of the 7 most important styling lessons we can learn from the famous blogger. 

1. “Take risks, and try new things.”

This is Chiara’s fashion philosophy, as she once said in an interview. And it’s true: nothing is as boring as sticking to the same old routines with every look. She is unique because she surprises with outrageous and exceptional outfits.


2. Be stupid.

Fashion should be fun and so is Chiara. All her looks have some playful touch, no matter if it is jeans and t-shirt or an elegant evening gown. By adding a fun element every look gets  more vivid. 


3. Mix it all!

It never happens, that she’s completely posh or all over rock’n'roll. Did you ever notice? Her looks are always the best of both worlds.


4. You can WOW in the simplest outfits.

No matter how plain her clothes are – she blows our minds. It’s her overall appearance that stuns. For that, fancy armcandy, big hair or remarkable sunglasses are also part of the look (as well as a confident attitude). 


5. Be effortless. 

Or try at least to look like it. Nothing looks more unnatural than an outfit that looks too much put together. Don’t overthink your dressing.


6. Don’t go with trends.

Go with what you like and what suits you. Embrace your own interpretation of style, otherwise you’ll look masqueraded.


7. Know the basics.

A biker jacket, a little black dress, a white t-shirt, supercool jeans and a big designer bag are the 5 items every woman must own, according to Chiara. Everything else comes on its own – depending on your taste. But this basics build the perfect foundation.


Images via The Blonde Salad