Chain Reaction – How To Properly Layer Necklaces

Posted by June 13, 2016 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Trends

Layering Necklaces? Easy-peasy!

You may have noticed a lot of celebrities wearing a numerous amounts of jewellery layers lately. Coachella was practically, this years Layered Necklaces Catwalk.

Here are some of them and just in case you want to see more about it, check our post on Coachella!


Here is our suggestion on how to wear Layered Necklaces

When speaking about Fashion there aren’t really any rules stated, so that means your Necklaces can be combined in as many styles as possible.

Layer ONE

We would recommend you to start with a set of 90s style thin chokers in dark colours, so they can be clearly noticed.

Stradivarius Set of 90s Chokers 

Layer TWO

We would then add a longer set of thin chains after the chokers, which would work as a second layer. The second layer could have some small beads or little pendants which will make it much more interesting and replete of shining details.

There are also two possible options (A or B) to finish this look, in the case Layer two finishes with a pendant, Layer three will not be necessary.

Option A (Layer 3 will NOT be necessary)


Zara Thin Chains Necklace, Forever21 Faux Stone Longline Necklace

Option B (Layer 3 WILL be necessary)


Forever21 Chain Necklace, Forever21 Curb Chain Necklace

Layer 3

We would finish it up with a third layer of a longer piece with a nice pendant that will be put strategically underneath all of them so that the shorter necklaces can still shine. Remember this layer should always be the longest one!


Forever21 Black Pendant Necklace, Forever21 Tassel Green Pendant Necklace