Celebrity Halloween – A Recap Of The Best Outfits

Posted by November 2, 2016 - Pop Culture, Things We L@VE
Celebrity Halloween

Well Halloween has passed and it wasn’t that bad, right? It was definitely great for us. We managed a great outfit, superb Halloween snacks and some very scary movies to get in the fear mood before hitting the roads for some very serious Trick or Treat business activities (Yes, for real!). However, what we were really looking forward for was this year’s night of the dead celebrities’ costumes, like very year to be fair.

As you may already know, the night of Halloween is very popular within the celebrities, since they love to dress up and go crazy with their outfits, parties and other many extravaganzas and this year was not least.  We got to see some very spooky costumes and other many nutty ensembles that caught our attention straight away. Heidi Klum for instance, who is always THE most expected costume on every Halloween night, went totally crazy with this year’s outfit and simply decided to clone herself five times, which literally meant that six Heidi Klums were present at the party. How crazy is that?

In any case, Heidi was not the only awesome costume in town at the scariest night of the year, other guests and celebrities rocked their outfits just as well as Heidi. We could say that our very favourite ones were by far Beyonce and Jay-Zs Barbie and Ken version, Heidis Clones (of course), Lewis Hamiltons interpretation of the Jocker and Lindsay Lohans Harley Quinns outfit. Nevertheless, we have found a bunch of this year’s celebrity outfits pictures for you to judge by yourself. So here is a short recap on all the most expected Halloween parties around the world, from Heidi Klums yearly Halloween gala, to Kyle Kardashians or Taylor Swifts home party. And with this crazy collection of best scary costumes we salute Halloween until next year, bring on Christmas!

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Pictures via Popsugar, Vogue, Dailymail, Instyle, Variety and Usmagazine