CAVE CLUB – London’s Underground ‘60s night

Posted by August 13, 2014 - Music, Pop Culture

The Horrors fourth album ‘Luminous’, which is set for release on the 4th of May, follow up to the moody, Simple Minds-esque pop of 2011′s ‘Skying’ suggests that they are further delving into the depths of elevating synth melodies building on their previous Krautrock influences.

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Yes, the ‘Strange House’ edge may be long gone but their cult club night The Cave Club, held on every third Saturday of the month, is still going strong. Here you will hear the best selection of ‘60s Psych and Garage, occasionally spiced up with some ‘70s Glam, Post-punk and Disco gems. Calling it The Horrors club night is not entirely accurate since it is Rhys Webb who initiated Cave. Rhys, keen record collector and DJ on the Mod/Psych scene since his early teens, knows how to maintain the perfect balance between hits and obscurities; therefore you can expect psychedelic-era Beatles and Stones as well as The Mirage or Les Fleur Des Lys. Unlike most ‘60s psych club nights in London Cave Club does not aspire to be revivalist or retro although the sartorial element of the ‘60s is certainly present; generally you will not find too many ageing blokes with Paul Weller haircuts complaining about how kids of today are getting Mod wrong. Most of the crowd are under-25s simply interested in discovering great music and drawing on the spirit of the late 1960s in order to create something new and exciting – or, if you will, moving towards the future backwards with their eyes set firmly on the past.



This is certainly reflected in the choice of bands which are selected to perform at Cave Club. TOY played their debut gig here back in 2011, early performances of Temples, The Proper Ornaments and Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs soon followed. So, whether you want to check out a cool new band before everyone else or discover great ‘60s songs you have not heard anywhere else before, Cave Club is the place to be and apparently Alexa Chung thinks so too!  After all, where else can you find a bunch of kids singing along to ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ by Tintern Abbey or ‘Guess I Was Dreaming’ by The Fairytale?”


Listen to my friend Sam Davies’ mixtape who isn’t only bass player in Charlyie Boyer and The Voyeurs but also a regular DJ at Cave Club:

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