Catwalk Trends- Men’s Wear

Posted by March 27, 2015 - Fashion, Trends
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 On The Run

This trend is for you gentlemen. If you are as busy as you say, you should also look like that… but forget those boring all black suits. Those are good for weddings but not for every day. Get a little bit of color into you outfit to bright up you look.  Don’t be afraid to play with colors, brave combinations are the key to fashion success.




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1.Tommy Hilfiger TRENTON NOOS 39,95€

2.BOSS-Swinno 220€

3.Rowland-Brothers 89,95€

4.SMH 79,95€

5.Urban X Arvid 59,95€

6.Pat Calvin bag 79,95€

 Urban Poet 

Cotton, linen and light colors rule this trend. This look works the best in spring when the sun is shining the birds are singing and everything is perfectly fine. Chinos and a cool cardigan represent this look, wearing it you are ready for Jazz concerts, cozy literature coffees and the urban bars in the city.

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1.Rowland Brothers  Boot 89,95€

2.Elia Maurizi Kaiman Bianco 299€ 

3.Fred Perry Crossover Bag 64,95€

4.Pat Calvin 29,95€

5.Walter Bauer 15452 Fulda Cuoio 120€

6.Urban X Assar 59,95€