Café Society: Get the Look Of the New Woody Allen Movie

Posted by November 9, 2016 - Art, Austria, Film, Germany, Music, Things We L@VE

From Woody Allens club of jazz inspired projects, Café Society hits the European screens today. Time to head down to the movies everyone! Some weeks ago we prepared a list of the best fashion movies coming out soon and within them was of course, Café Society. Woody Allens latest project has been waited for quite a long time here in Europe, since it was already released in the States last may. The movie promises a superb and stunning styling job, transforming everyone on set into beautiful 1930s personalities of the Hollywood high society.  

The cast gathers some of the most likeable faces of the Hollywood world, where Eisenberg gives life to Bobby Dorfman, a young main character who heads to Hollywood in search of new experiences and ends up meeting a young Vonnie played by Kristen Stewart whom he starts feeling something for. Steve Carell and Blake Lively are some more of the artists completing this incredible and professional cast within many others. Not feeling it yet? What if we tell you you will be enjoying a bit of one of the most respected and holy eras of all times, the 30s in New York and Hollywood. You will be travelling back to the times when pretty much anything could be done (not legally maybe, but that’s not the point), where people just wanted to enjoy and have the time of their lives. We definitely think this will be an incredible cinematic show, full of the Hollywood extravaganzas and some of the most impressive stage sets of any of the other Allen’s featured projects.

So we have prepared a perfect Café Society look for you to head down to your favourite cinema in town and enjoy the ride back in time of this visual cabaret and treat your ears with some smooth and prodigious jazz beats under the direction of the one and only NY born, Woody Allen.


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