Bye, bye, LA!

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Bye, Bye LA!

Happy Monday! Today I’m showing you my last look from LA for a while, because guess who’s heading home next week? I can’t believe that three months passed by so quickly. Next Sunday I’ll already be back home in Austria, all wrapped up in a cosy blanket and with a hot cup of tea. I guess I’m quite lucky since the weather here changed a bit too, we’re now down to 12 degrees Celsius at night. I’m almost starting to freeze with my leather jacket on, it’s the warmest piece I put in my luggage. It’s easier to adjust when being back home though, because a week ago I nearly melted with 30 degrees and up. The upcoming week is all about meeting my friends again and making the best out of it. Also, I have to go to the post office to send over some clothes because not all of them will fit in my two suitcases I am carrying with me – I’m a shopaholic! My last weekend here in LA has been amazing: I met some friends, went shopping, had lunch and went to another concert again after having dinner. Oh yes, I guess I’m spoiled! I’m constantly being busy and really enjoy being around so many different people, that’s one reason why I love LA so much. I guess I’ll now have to adjust my outfits to the temperatures back home again. My current look has been one of my favorite ones here – all black with blocky heels. So many people complimented me on them that they turned out to be my favorite ones during this three months. Since it’s already a bit too cold to wear them in both LA and Austria, I thought I’ll show you some similar ones which are perfect for our current weather situation: You can find them here or here. As a model, I’m used to walk in high heels but personally, I always stick to flats or blocky heels for my private use. And you know why? Because blocky heels make you feel comfortable, even when walking more than a few steps. You can easily go shopping with them and I promise you, you will not fall. There’s such a huge difference between walking in stilettos or bulky heels and if I’d have to choose one, there’s no way that I would go for the stilettos.

In the upcoming posts I will show you more winter looks. I hope you still enjoyed me blogging from LA though since it somehow turned into my third hometown and I love being around here. Have a great start into the new week, I’ll keep you posted when I’m back in Austria!


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