Buttoning A Suit Jacket

Posted by January 8, 2015 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE

Do you pay attention on buttoning your suit? Why are there even rules on that? Technically, there aren’t any special rules. This iconographic shows all the wisdom. But why would you care? Here’s why…


Details matter

It’s nice to see that someone is paying attention to the details. If you don’t stick to these buttoning rules, it’s obvious that you’re not wearing a suit regularly. If you wanna show experience and maturity, this is the way to do it. It’s almost like a secret knock for the men “who know how”!

Perfection for a complete look

If you follow this small rules you will get a perfect silhouette wearing your suit. Not only your suit will fit you better, but you will be more comfortable with sitting or standing positions, knowing that everything is on it’s place.

There are two types of suit jackets:

1. Single-Breasted Jackets

Most modern suits have a single-breasted jacket. On the photo you can see how to button it depending on how many buttons the jacket has and where the buttons are in relation to your waist.

a) One-button jackets

Single-breasted jackets with one button should alaways be buttoned while standing, and you may unbutton them while sitting.

b) Two-button jackets

The best way to wear single-breasted jacket with two buttons is to button the top one and the lower one leave unbuttoned.

c) Three-button jackets

Always button the middle one and if you wish the top button. The bottom button should always ┬ábe unbuttoned. Never button all three of them, it will give you stiff look you wan’t to avoid.

2. Double-Breasted Jackets

Although double-breasted jackets are the best worn buttoned, you can take yourself some freedom to unbutton the lowest one. Even the British royal family does it so you’re safe ;)

Via businessinsider.com