Your Bunch Of Friends Under Examination: Which Type Are You?

Posted by May 3, 2017 - LIFESTYLE

A group of friends is always funny to look at and many times predictable in a good way. You can easily spot the crazy one, the sleepy one or the party-maker. A group of friend is usually full of personalities and this can easily be reflected into the world of shoes.


The World Explorer

The is always someone in the group who is always willing to jump on a plane and head somewhere, somehow. These type of friends does not care where to go, they just need to be on the road again and again. They are risk-takers and experts in enjoying the little moments of life.


Unisa Cele  /  OMG! Sneaker

The Brutally Honest One

That one friend who usually acts as the icebreaker, literally. They are capable of throwing any type of information on anyone’s face without filters. They are very outgoing and fearless of anything. This friend will never hide something from you and your secret will be save with him/her.  


Vigneron Sandalette  /  Nike Air Max Thea Metallic 

The Wise One

This friend is usually the one who comes into the game after your “brutally honest friend” has just decided to release a very inconvenient missile into a conversation. They are usually confident and tend to be older siblings. They also posses some clear boss material and have the power of organizing everyone in order to take the perfect selfie.


Vigneron Sandalette  /  Peter Kaiser Jada

The Wild One

“Lets go crazy today, tomorrow is too late” could be their philosophy of life. They are commonly very ingenious and can come up with most random and crazy adventures. They are also generally Party-bosses and think that sleeping was not invented for them.


OMG! Textil Sandalette  /  Nike Internationalist

The Hyperactive One

These friends are energy bombs. They could tire out a whole army of soldier with their level of vitality. They are always up for a walk, a coffee, a dinner, walking your dog or even travelling across the whole city if needed. They are always thinking of what to do next.


Vigneron Sandalette   /  Bernie Mev. Gummies Charm

However, if you still didn’t manage to gather your closest bunch of comrades for any reason, here are some perfect shoes and tips to do so. Making friends has never been so easy!

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