The Buckle Boots You Will Crave This Fall!

Posted by September 24, 2016 - Fashion, Trends

It was not only a hype, it was an over-hype around the Chloé Susanna Boots when they first came out several seasons ago. And to be honest: they were really quite nice. WERE. By now, they have been copied so many times by all the big fashion retail houses, that it is hard to keep an overview of all this stampede boots. And there is more to it than that: Also other high-end designer got inspired and created their own versions of the short block heeled, western-style buckle boots. Among them were Givenchy, Balenciaga and some more. Cool back then, we are actually already a bit bored by this typical models, that we get run over by on Pinterest and Instagram. Not to mention, that they are unaffordable anyway. Still, we love the cool and fancy style of the black, short Cowboy booties. So what’s the answer to this shoe question? Lucky you, we know it. And we have LOTS of reasons to go for this shoes instead of any others…

GAMLOONG Suede Black Buckle Boots

Buckle Boots

Why The Gamloong Boots Are Your Best Choice? 

- They are original – not like all the copies of the Susanna boots, the Gamloong model has its own style, inspired in shape but not too much resembling other ones. For this, they are incomparable!

- They are affordable. Thanks god, that also us ordinary mortals can have the most stylish shoes. 

- They are comfy AND convenient. Because the heels are not too high, it is an ease to walk in this boots all day long. The leather is soft and protects from all fall weather conditions. The unseeable zip lets you put them on in a second.

- They combine the best of styles: black ankle booties are already as classic as the LBD. The western-inspired buckles just add the right amount of coolness.

- Suede Leather. Nothing to add to that.


For some styling inspiration, this is how Bloggers and Fashionistas styled the pre-runner versions of this most trending shoe of the moment:




Pictures via Tha Fashion Fraction,  Tuula Vintage, Garance Doré, Who What Wear, What’s Trend