5 Designers From Brazil You Need To Know Now

Posted by August 16, 2016 - Design, Fashion, LIFESTYLE

Little did we know about the Brazilian fashion movements other than the fact that they can rock absolutely any type of beachwear on the market and that they host the most famous Carnival of feathers, colours, lights and extravagant outfits in the world. Now that because of the Olympics, all the spotlights are pointing to Rio, we thought we could explore the Brazilian designers’ world and discover a bit more about the country’s valuable fashion artists.

Brazil has always been part of the the big fashion capitals family, with hosting very important fashion events and being home for many designer names in South America. Their access to many different and innovative materials allows them to create things that are totally in a very Brazilian way. Luckily enough, they have a wide palette of designers that we can dive into and explore! From beach- to footwear, Brazilian designers have something special that is totally worth looking at.

Just in case you though Brazil “only” offered an infinite colours and designs of Havaianas, let us show you how wrong you were.




Under the captaincy of native Brazilian Juliana Ferreira and Maya Pope, they launched their very first collection in 2012 in London were they currently live and work. The designers claimed that they were missing home at the moment where they decided to start the fashion label which is now available everywhere around the world. The patterns are mainly fruits, leaves and flowers that take us to beautiful, beautiful Brazilian beaches where they are part of the local landscape.

Lane Marinho


This graphic designer from Sao Paolo started working for several shoes brands after winning a prize in her homeland, when she realized something was missing. Her love towards nature and natural beauty dragged her to start producing her own designs made with natural materials such as beach shells, stones or ropes. We dare you to say no to one of Marinhos designs!

Agua de Coco


This very respected beachwear brand was launched by a young stylist from Fortaleza whom with a simple sewing machine built one of Brazils most used and admired swimwear label. Liliana claims she designs to cover the user’s needs and wishes and this pathway has taken her to parade in every single São Paulo Fashion Week as one of the main brands and very proudly modelled by major Brazilian models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.


Alexandre Birman


On top of being born in a country radiating good vibes, art and nature, Alexandre was also raised in a shoe factory (literally!). His destiny had shoe design written all over it, after designing his first shoe at the age of twelve. Birman has become a favorite within many celebrities and now owns a very respected place in the Brazilian shoes market. His designs offer femininity, luxury and sophistication, even his very first collection which was completely handcrafted to perfection.

Bruno Basso


Although it is practically impossible to see Bruno by himself, after he knocked on the right door by uniting his forces to Briton designer Chris Brooke, it is a must to have a look at the brand they have created based on digital prints. The São Paulo native has put together a fashion brand that has several times been referred as “the masters of fantastical digital print”.

The brand offers a colourful and fun variety of patterns and designs that are simply a must-see.


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