The Boyfriend Shirt

Posted by August 7, 2015 - Fashion, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes
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I’m sure some of you (okay, probably most of you) know the feeling of having nothing to wear. First world problems, clearly, but nonetheless annoying when you have to head out and there’s seemingly not a single piece in your closet that would fit.

Well, same thing happened to me the other day, just that I REALLY had nothing to wear! Okay, I’m exaggerating here. What happened is that I somehow had some stressful, eventful two weeks and didn’t do laundry for quite some time, so all my go-to pieces of the moment were out of reach, buried somewhere in the depths of my laundry bag.

The Mister offered to take me out to dinner, and since I was already rummaging around for about ten minutes, having his stomach’s best interests at heart he actually offered to lend some of his garments. And that’s exactly what I did!

It was too warm outside to wear one of my own blouses, but his shirt, being rather too big and thus airy enough to wear on a warm summer evening, was the perfect choice! Being a sucker for everything “puffed” and oversized, I loved the shape of it. I’m also a fan of knotted shirts, also a nice trick to adjust the length. When it comes to this trend, the rule for me is that the belly should not be seen, so I paired the boyfriend-shirt with my favourite black high-waist shorts.

Throw in some leather espadrilles and an embroidered boho bag for some summer vibes and voilà! Necessity begets ingenuity, as they say, and from now on, I know that my bf’s shirts are always an option ;)

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