Boxfresh New Collection Is Everything

Posted by February 22, 2017 - LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

It is good to know that we are not the only ones obsessed with shoes in this world of madness. Boxfresh was created in 1989 when their creators realised that they were swimming in a mixed pot of cultural tribes, where all had their unique uniforms. It was then when they understood that all the other people who did not belong to a specific tribe, the people who just wanted to “be casual” were lacking a cool uniform that could represent them and in which they would feel comfortable in.  This small team of details-obsessed members continue to create their shoes with the same philosophy and mind-set they started with in the late 80’s, however; Boxfresh has slightly change their routes through out the years and they are now sailing in a less loud direction.

Their shoe designs, tend to follow the sneaker line. They are usually casual and cool, a perfect combination to match your “casual” everyday uniform. They come in all types of colours and are really to be rocked at any age. This very British type brand designs their shoes in the coolest way possible and they have become a total must-have within commuters and just casual people like most of us.

Luckily enough for us, Humanic counts with several of their designs in the online store and they are just some clicks away of being in your hands. We can guarantee your boyfriends, fathers or brothers will be ecstatic to receive such a pair of beautifully and carefully designed shoes. Here are some of their latest designs that you can already find on the Humanic store.