The Bowtie

Posted by October 2, 2015 - Things We L@VE, Trends
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To incorporate some trends, you don’t have to continuously add new items to your wardrobe. Sometimes, you just have to be a little innovative. Momentarily, shirts with an incorporated bow tie are super trendy. A smart option to create the look without buying such a shirt or blouse is to get a plain shirt (that you will wear more often and that is more versatile) instead, or use one you already have in your closet, and glam it up with a simple ribbon.

That way, you can not only choose any colour of ribbon, but different fabrics: satin, velvet, silk, or something sparkly maybe? Whatever you can find in your local fabric store. You can even use a gift ribbon, if it has a nice quality. 

I used a black satin ribbon on my green silk blouse from Zara and paired it with a woolen pleated skirt, oversized cardy and tassel loafers to create something of a prep school uniform look. I also like the combination of shiny silk and chunky wool, it’s always interesting to mix different textures. 

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