The Boots That Will Upgrade Your Look From Cool To Awesome

Posted by November 29, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes

Boots are literally everything during the winter and fall months. Boots manage to upgrade a casual look to an amazing look in a matter of seconds. Lucky enough for us, there are tonnes of different types and styles of boots that we can wear to enhance our everyday chosen outfit. We have to admit we are total boots lovers, we believe they are just the footwear of the season and that you can look amazingly well in every single one of them. Another positive point of boots is that they can transmit much more than you can imagine. Winter boots can have a lot of character and this means that you can create a whole look starting from the shoes – Joy!

There are several different boots styles that invade our shops and streets this season, from velvet textured to very high boots, however, we are those who believe that there aint nothing like a good old pair of Cowboy boots or some cozy and fluffy Ugg boots for the weekend or even some very classic horse riding style boots for the office. It is the classics that actually make the difference and we are classic lovers. Luckily enough Humanic covers all our needs and allows us to choose from a very wide range of choices in styles and all of them in one shop. How perfect is this?

So once more we have gone through the whole Humanic store (which took us forever to be honest because there are so many shoes to choose from) and finally chose the most distinctive pairs of boots that will automatically make you look awesome. Remember to consider different styles and filling your closet with as many trending approaches as possible, they are never too many, really!




Alma en Pena / Lazzarini


Vigneron / Högl



Gamloong / Ugg Amie

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