Blocky Heels For The Austrian Breeze

Posted by December 12, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE
blocky heels

My second week back in Austria has gone by already. I’m totally over the jetlag and even somehow managed to adjust my body to the temperatures outside, too. I took lots of walks to enjoy the nature a bit, the air in LA is nothing compared to our fresh and clean one here. During my walks I realized that the past couple of days have been weirdly warm with only a slight autumn breeze going on. 16 degrees in December? Okay, it’s definitely the perfect time to wear a dress with black tights! I got this one a while ago, but I still love it so much since it’s the perfect choice for almost every weather. The dark blue fits in my closet and I love wearing my boy bag by Chanel to it to play with all the different shades of blue and black. If it’s getting too cold at night, you can just combine the look with a long trenchcoat or wool coat and you’re absolutely good to go. For this look you could also play with a woolen scarf so your neck will be protected, too. Coming to the most important piece of this look, may I present you my current crush: It’s this beautiful and comfortable lacing shoes which are perfect for the current temperatures. Blocky heels included! Since everyone is into online shopping anyways, especially during the christmas time, here are some very similar shoes. This ones also look lovely and are perfect for winter, too. The shiny texture makes them look a bit festive, so you can combine them with another dress or some culottes to make them stand out even more.

My next couple of weeks will be quite normal and almost boring compared to the past months: I have to focus on my Master’s Thesis to finish university in February. I can’t believe that this huge chapter of my life will be over very soon. Time went by so quickly, especially the last 2 years rushed by. I already have plans for my future, but since nothing is settled yet I can’t really give you a spoiler. I will as soon as I know more, I promise! All I can give you is a little hint: I will travel again and will be ready for some new adventures in my life. Enjoy your week with lots of laughs and positivity!



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