Block Heels And Mules: A Blast From The Past

Posted by May 2, 2017 - How to walk in these trends, Things We L@VE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

Sometimes we just want to be comfortable while wearing heels and lucky enough for us, block heels and mules allow us to achieve this wish of ours. These types of shoes have been a thing for the last two seasons and they keep on surprising us in a good way. Block heels are so 90s that they have the power of tele-transporting us to the time Britney was trending for her “Baby One More Time” hit and Paris Hilton had a serious addiction for those disturbing baby colour toned tracksuits. However, far away from those dangerous memoirs block heels were also everything at those times and they have been strategically inserted into our current fashion trends in the smartest way possible.

After this quick trip back into the history of fashion, we would also like to show you how amazingly cool these types of shoes may look by creating some very chic outfits and combinations using the newest block heel designs that Humanic has now in stores.


Lazzarini Sandals  /  Kate Grey Cross Over

Alisha Sandalette  /  Alisha Cross Over

Lazzarini Sandalatte  /  Kate Gray Shopper

Vigneron Sandalette  /  Lazzarini Shopper Bag

So here are the four combinations that will make your mind flip out with these very old style type of shoes that are trending at the moment. Every combination could get you through different types of situations, from casual Spring nights, to Summer working days. Not only will they make you look practically perfect, but they will also allow you feet to stay comfy and classy at the same time. So get that 90s playlist playing and start choosing your favourite pair of block heeled shoes

Way to go the 90s!

Teaser image via Pinterest