No More Blisters! – How To Avoid The Pain Of New Shoes

Posted by May 26, 2016 - How to walk in these trends, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE, We L@VE Shoes
No More Blisters

Everybody knows them – and everybody hates them: We’re talking about blisters! The great joy of new shoes won’t last long when you find yourself limping around, slipping all over the place, with tortured and blistered feet. These galls are the one and only thing that can turn your enthusiasm for your purchase into hate within just a few steps. There are even these kind of shoes that already make your feet start swelling up by just looking at them. 

But how do they say? Beauty knows no pain! – In fact, it does. And it is something that we would willingly pass on. Is there no way to unite fashionable and comfortable walking?

In most cases, blisters are a side effect of NEW shoes. They appear when wearing them for the first few times, just until the feet stretched them enough. Once the shoes are ‘fitted’ to the feet, blisters usually don’t appear any more (unless they are too small!). So, how to skip this uncomfortable beginning time? Follow this steps below and avoid blisters once and for all! 


  • STEP 1: Take your amazing new shoes

  • STEP 2: Grab a pair of thick (woolen) socks

  • STEP 3: Put on the socks and squeeze into the shoes

  • STEP 4: Get your blow dryer and blow your feet nice and warm

  • STEP 5: Break in your shoes by strutting in

  • STEP 6: Take off the shoes and socks and apply blister protection lotion on any friction points

  • STEP 7: Make a great performance in your new, pain-free shoes!

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