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Christmas is close, very close, and it’s definitely impossible to escape the Christmas madness: people are running around like crazy chickens to get all presents on time, the smell of Punsch and cookies is coming from every possible corner, Christmas lights are literally everywhere and every second song on the radio is about Christmas. But for us this time is not only about all that. It’s also about BIRTHDAYS! Oh yes, David is a „Christkind“ (that’s how they call people in Austria who’s birthday is on Christmas Eve). I have to admit that it’s not a big deal for me as I am from Russia and our winter holidays are a little bit different from the rest, Christmas comes in January for me.  But dating a „Christkind“ for over 8 years made this topic interesting for me and showed me the pros and cons of a birthday on Christmas Eve. But this article is actually not about that. It’s more about what we suggest to do if your birthday is on Christmas, or let’s put it this way: If Christmas is on your birthday :)

It’s important to make sure to celebrate BOTH events equally. Of course you will have something going on with your family and friends for Christmas. But don’t let them merge your birthday into these Christmas celebrations and never ever accept 1 present for both events (unless it’s something extremely huge and awesome J). We made some research and found great possibilities to make your Christmas birthday special.

Champagne and cake on the RIESENRAD


The Riesenrad is gorgeous and a true asset to Vienna’s beauty. Recently I saw a girl on Instagram celebrating her birthday by having a little ride with the Riesenrad and enjoying a great view over Vienna. I loved that idea and decided to check if they are open on Christmas Eve. And guess what, they are! Imagine how beautiful Christmas Vienna will look from up there, with all the gorgeous lights and markets! You can book different packages and book the tickets online. I have to admit that the menu that you choose from is a bit complicated, so the best thing is you call them and ask for more details. By the way in London you can do the same thing at London Eye. And in Paris you can go up the Eifel Tower and enjoy the lightshow plus some drinks up there (truly magical!)

Donauturm Restaurant


Imagine a huge tower with a restaurant on the top of it. And now imagine it making a 360°C turn per hour while you are enjoying your meal plus drinks. Sounds awesome and dizzy at the same time! We went there last year on a Sunday and had David’s birthday brunch there and I was quite surprised that I didn’t feel dizzy at all. The great thing about this place is hat there is no bad or good table, because through the turn you will be able to see every side of Vienna while dining. Make sure to book in advance and also check the weather! The view is so much nicer when it’s not foggy outside. Get more info here.

Lusthaus Restaurant Vienna


Lusthaus is a gorgeous location in the middle of, well let’s say little wood. They serve great Austrian food and on the 25th and 26th of December they have a special Christmas Brunch. Why not turning this Christmas Brunch into a birthday brunch? Just make sure to book in advance, don’t show up just like that, especially not if you are a group of 4 or more. Also you can request a birthday cake and order one in advance to be part of your Birthday meal. The opening hours are 12.00 – 17.00.

Home Party

You can always throw a little home birthday party on Christmas Eve! Or better the day before, so you can celebrate in the evening. Or you invite people over for breakfast or brunch. We tried already both things and it was always fun. Make sure to buy drinks and food in advance, no one wants to fight over the last chicken or the last bottle of Chardonnay 5 minutes before the stores close for Christmas and Boxing Day.

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