On The Bicycle With My Leopard High Heels

Posted by September 14, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

I love my bicycle. It gives me a feeling of freedom and it also makes me feel like I am on holidays, when in reality I am not. During the week, I usually use it to reach the metro station or to run errands around my neighborhood. But on the weekends I hop on my bicycle without having a fully coherent vision of where I am going to end up. I love it when all of a sudden, I come across a cafe or a restaurant that I didn’t know existed before. Unexpected surprises can be such a joy!  

What do you wear when you cycle? Which shoes should you choose? I know that wearing sneakers and casual clothing may be the only option for many of you. As for me, I am not really willing to sacrifice neither height nor an elegant look; therefore I don’t mind wearing high heels even when it comes to cycling. I am not talking about stiletto heels because that would be quite difficult. But if you take a closer look at my leopard high heels in the photos, you will see that my heels are thick and blocky, which means that I still can cycle with ease and elan! Cycling with heels can be comfortable. It might sound strange but you should take a chance and give it a go. It just takes some practice and time to get used to it, like with all things. Plus, you’ll get compliments from cyclists and motorists around you for being brave and daring. 

Regarding my ensemble, I opted for a pair of skinny dark blue jeans that I matched with a relaxed black top. A camel jacket went on top for the chilly afternoons. My advice: Polish up your look with a pair of leopard high heels for a standout look! Hop on a bike and enjoy life! 

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By The Viennese Girl