Simply Queen Beyonce: Get Her Look

Posted by February 3, 2017 - Austria, How to walk in these trends, We L@VE Shoes

Yesterday we went into a very helpful area in fashion and style: how to boost your confidence in a matter of seconds. Beyoncé is a perfect example of this idea on boosting your confidence with some styling tips. Beyoncé is not only one of the most respected and admired persons in the music industry, but she is also strong, risky and full of attitude when creating fashionable combinations. She is not afraid of wearing colour and not afraid to mark a difference and standing out of the crowd. She manages to rock every single piece of clothes that is thrown on her and she wears them very smartly and very stylish.

If we would look back into Beyoncé’s best looks, we would find all the tips that we gave you yesterday in the Boosting Your Confidence within Minutes’ post. She uses her features to the extreme, she is probably the best example to show you how to work a beautiful and feminine waist. She goes into the colourful area without a doubt, she dives right into it and it works. Elegance is never too much for her and her attitude within style is just unquestionable. She knows exactly what she wants to look like, the type of style she wants to rock and show to the world on that day and she owns every single piece of clothes that is thrown on her. She is just a queen on style.

So why not look back into her best looks and get a look inspired on that. This could be a perfect way to start boosting our style for the weekend and for this new month. So here are some of her best looks and a quick guide on how to get “The Queens” look.


Get Her Look


1. Jimmy Choo Sunglasses 2. Buffalo Pumps 3. Gucci Sweater 4. Zara Metalic Jeans 5. Lanvin Necklace 6. Lazzarini Belt

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