The Best Things To Do In Berlin

Posted by December 3, 2014 - LIFESTYLE
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Whether you are a local or just visiting, there are many things that you can do in Berlin that won’t hurt your wallet, from seeing the amazing old architecture to absorbing the local art and the new wave culture that has engulfed the city. It’s hard to walk a meter without finding something interesting that catches our eye. Berlin is a city we can walk through all day and not get bored. We made a list of a couple of our favorite things to do in the German capital.

Grab A Coffee At The Barn

For a nice way to start your day The Barn offers a great atmosphere in the Mitte district of Berlin.


Climb Kreuzberg

The Kreuzberg provides a good escape from the urban jungle of Berlin. It’s a great way to spend the day because there are few things better for your body and spirit than a nice hike and in the end of your journey your reward is a beautiful view of the city.


Eat Lunch At The Kantine

Minimalists will rejoice. This restaurant offers something for the pallet as well as the eyes. this cool and trendy place is a great place to spend either lunch or dinner (or even just grab a few drinks).


Explore ‘Little Istanbul’ At BiOriental Market

You’ll have the feeling your are at an actual bustling bazaar. This is the perfect place for organic produce and Turkish cuisine – and don’t be shy to haggle the price a bit!


Check Out The Urban Gardening At Prinzessinnengarten

Prinzessinnengarten is one of the largest sustainable living gardening projects. Some surrounding restaurants serve dishes from the local harvest. Fresh from the garden to your dish!


Alternative Art At Kunstquartier Bethanien

This building was once a hospital, but now houses some of the most unique art in Berlin. There are theater and dance performances as well as amazing gallery exhibitions.


Rooftop Drinks With Friends At The Weinmeister

For a beautiful view of Berlin by night, you might want to go to the Weinmeister and see the best of what the city has to offer.


See Berlin From The Reichstag Dome

See Berlin from a 360-degree view in the Reichstag Dome. You can also climb to the top of this parliamentary building for free and get a really great view of the city.


Discover New Art At NGBK

This gallery has all sorts of exhibitions to satisfy your creative soul, at the core of it – it is all about the art.


Stroll By The Landwehrkanal

For a scenic stroll, the Landwehrkanal is beautiful any time of year. The 10km canal provides the perfect afternoon activity for sunny days.


See An Abandoned Amusement Park At Spreepark Berlin

This was an active amusement park from 1969-2001 until the number of visitors dropped drastically and the park had to shut down. The entire park was off limits for a while due to safety concerns but guided tours have recently been introduced.

Spreepark/ Kulturpark Plänterwald

So next time you are in Berlin, we hope you check out some of these really cool spots around the city.

By Notorious Mag