Best Sneakers For Hiking And Dining

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We tend to start dreaming of the beach as soon as we start hearing the word SUMMER around the streets, but have you never considered Hiking? We can guarantee you the most breathtaking and impressive views you have seen in a long while.

Luckily enough in Austria we are rich in hiking routes and pretty landscapes, due to its beautiful and abundant green geography.

On top of these routes, there are amazing restaurants where you could go to after a hiking day and we are here to help you take advantage of your sneakers and convert them into a 2 FOR 1 piece. So by the end of this post, not only will you already be daydreaming with the spectacular routes but you will also know how to use ONE pair of sneakers for TWO different occasions in the same day, so your bag is not filled with unnecessary shoes.

Let us take you through our countrys natural beauties.


Best Hiking Routes Around Austria


Zirbenweg/ Tulfes Trail – Tyrol

Difficulty: Medium

Altitude: 2,055m

Length: 7km

Approximate Hiking Time: 2h 30 min

Note: Here you will be able to meet the oldest tree of Tirol, a 700-year old Stone Pine.




Reutte Route – Tyrol

Difficulty: Easy

Altitude: 1,200m

Length: 1km

Approximate Hiking Time: 1h

Note: Prepare yourself because this route is meant to be done barefoot! This short trail is meant to be revitalizing and used as a free natural healing method.



Naturdenkmal “Fallbach” – Vorarlberg

Difficulty: Easy

Altitude: 520m

Length: 5.1km

Approximate Hiking Time: 2:30h

Note: Prepare This is probably one of the most promising routes. You will be able to see the highest waterfall in Vorarlberg.



Schilcher Route – Steiemark

Difficulty: Easy

Altitude: 470m

Length: 10,9km

Approximate Hiking Time: 3:30h

Note: Prepare This route offers you not only a hiking route, but also a Wine route with different stops in taverns and vineyard views. A Must-do!


Preinerwandsteig – Niederösterreich

Difficulty: Easy

Altitude: 1783 m

Length: 10,10 km

Approximate Hiking Time: 5h

Note: Prepare This route will allow you to get an easy but real climbing experience.



Best Restaurants To Visit After Hiking

After having a look at al these roots we have selected a list of the best and most striking restaurants located close to hiking routes around Austria, that you should go and visit throughout the summer when hiking in Austria.



Situated in Burgenland right by the lake, perfect for completing two plans in one, hiking around the lake and having a lovely dinner at night with an incredible lake view.

Steirereck Pogusch 

It is situated in Steiemark and it is considered one of Austrias best restaurants, also offering many hiking and routes around it. A general and big MUST-DO!

Landhaus Bacher

This is a more than 50 year-old family restaurant situated in Wachau and well-known for its popular excursions. While hiking around Wachau you will be able to enjoy the vineyards and eat as many apricots as you wish.


This is a very well-kown restaurant, specially visited by celebrities. Settled in Kitzbühel, Tyrol it is a perfect way to get to know the most beautiful Austrian landscapes.

Mönchsberg 32

A modern choice established in the mountains of Salzburg. The impressive all across window will leave you wordless.


2 in 1 Sneakers For Both – Hiking And Dinning

We have specially selected the following shoes for you since they will take you through both experiences, Hiking and Dinning. This will allow you to have more space in your bag and will save you some time too.

D.A.T.E Boston Half Luxury


Timberland Brattleboro Oxford

Puma Ignite XT

Superga Cotu Classic



What To Wear For Dinning After Hiking


1. Mango Tshirt 2. Armani Clutch 3. Puma Ignite XT Sneakers 4. Zara Kimono 5. Farfetch Denim



 1.Lazzarini Necklace 2.Lazzarini Clutch 3.Superga Cotu Classic 4.Zara Dress

Images via Parkhotel,, Frantisekpekto, Wikipedia,  Sterische-Spezialitaeten Sunrise