The Best New Year’s Resolution List Ever

Posted by December 29, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Survival Kit
New Year's Resolution

New Year’s resolution ideas, what a classic, we know…but we LOVE IT. Who does not like to set up personal goals at the beginning of the year? It is well fun; even though you never reach them. However, we would like to share our personal resolutions list with you today and we are not speaking about loosing weight or quitting smoking (although we don’t encourage this last one either), our resolutions list is a more fun and creative list to follow. So if this sounds interesting to you, stay with us for a few more paragraphs. This should be fun!


1. Stop skipping breakfast. Come on people, this is a terrible habit, your brain is literally functioning with no fuel. This cannot be good in any sense. Wake up ten minutes before your usual time and grab a toast and a sip of tea before sprinting out of your apartment in the morning, you are probably always late anyways, so if you are going to be late, do it with a toast in your stomach (at least). If you are an organized person you can also sit down and have your toast calmly, no discrimination, but there is probably more unorganized morning people than the organized. Come on, time to feed your brain. 


2. Let’s stop twerking shall we. Sometimes we think…what would our beloved grandparents think of us if they saw us twerking. Those grandparents who danced to rock and roll like mad people and looked so classy while doing it during the 50s. We are getting too used to twerking (Thank you Miley Cyrus …) and it is nothing but horrible. Dancing is great, but let’s go back to chic and classy dancing, let’s say no to twerking this year.

3. Reboot your style. Get yourself some unique pieces and start using them. We like to set up a day during the week where you HAVE to wear something really cool. Fridays usually, they are shorter and more relaxed. So fix Fridays as the “Cool Outfit Day” and stick to it. Feeling good with your outfits gives you extra confidence and more determination.

4. Cut back on the take out. It is actually not that hard to cook a burger or pizza yourself, you are just being lazy. So relax on the fast food and get yourself a 15 minutes’ meal book (Yep, we have one already and they do exist!) and start cooking your own “fast food”. You will feel SO much better.

5. Detox, is great. Detoxing can be done in many different ways. Some people take it to the extreme and starve themselves for days, however we think that eating salads, rough foods and fruits and vegetables works just as well. This does not mean you will be loosing weight, but your body will get rid of the unwanted stuff in it. Simple and easy!

6. Saving money. Two very big words right there, chill we can explain. Empty your pickles glass jar and clean it up with some nice smelling soap (we do not want to head down to the bank in a year with a smelly old pickle jar). Throw in 1€ a day. End of story you will have saved 365 €  next year. It wasn’t that bad was it?

7. Complete a 30-day challenge. This is a great one, very easy and super effective. There are thousands of challenges floating around the internet, grab yourself one and print it out. It should not take you more than 5 minutes each day. We know you can do it. Way to go! 

8. Do a computer back-up. This is one of those things we tend to push back and end up not doing and crying when our computer decides to leave our world without previous notice containing all our information inside. Doing a computer back-up can be a pain, but it will not take you more than an hour and it will save you some tears when it actually dies – You are welcome. 

9. Look for a cool hobby. Hobbies can be great, you get to meet great people and you get to explore new things. There is nothing hard about this point and it can be ANYTHING you like. This should be too good to be true. 

10. Last but not least. Stick to the plan and actually do these things otherwise it will be no fun and you will have no new adventures to speak about next December during your Office Christmas Party. Oh and laugh! Laughing is the greatest thing ever. Laugh like there was no tomorrow, be happy and Happy New Year.


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