The Best Fashion Advice For Short Girls

Posted by February 2, 2015 - LIFESTYLE

If you are short like me, you have probably tried everything to find something that works for your body type. When you go shopping all the “small” clothes are either huge or baby sized. Some times it can be frustrating but with these simple tips, you will find all the best outfits in no time.

Know Where To Shop


Knowing the right places that will actually carry a small size that fits you is crucial! Because as we know small doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.

Have A Good Tailor


Okay, if you love something it is hard not to want to buy it. If you buy something it is a bit too big or long, a tailor can always fix it up for you!

Embrace The Right Trends


All trends are not created equal, that’s why it is important to embrace the right ones for your body type. Short girls look better with with slightly over sized items, high-waisted pants, and A-line skirts.

Chose The Right Shoes


Three key points when choosing heels: pointed toe shoes, heels are your friend, and when looking for a flat boot – choose one with less distracting hardware. We think these shoes from HUMANIC are just perfect for short girls in spring.

Find The Right Pair Of Jeans


Finding the right pair of jeans is almost like cheating the system and can actually work with you to make your legs seem longer.

By Notorious Mag