Berlin Fashion Week – Best Of Shoe Street Style

Posted by January 20, 2017 - Fashion, Germany, LIFESTYLE, Trends, We L@VE Shoes

Have you ever heard of the scientific fact about shoes and first impressions? Well if you didn’t, we will introduce you to it. As you may already know, science is always present, no matter how, there is always a weird scientific theory for pretty much everything and the same counts for shoes. Fashion IS an art form and a very easy way to express yourself or whatever you are feeling that day and this is exactly what this theory is about. So let’s get to the point; your shoes literally talk about you and are responsible for your very first impression when you meet someone. They can say exactly what or how you are feeling that exact morning or even classify you into as many subgroups as you can possibly imagine.

So while we are swimming into the super wide scientific ground within fashion, some very stylish people are hitting the Berlin streets with their chicest shoe choices and the most awesome looks, so we thought it would be a great plan for this chilly Friday of January, to go through all the awesome shoes that have been attending the Berlin Fashion Week these days.

Here is a recap of what our editors at Trendsylvania thought were the coolest shoewear appearances of the German capital’s winter fashion events this month. Oh! And we have also asked our editors to personally choose the most alike shoes on the Humanic store for us to link them in this post and make it easier for you to add them your basket (cheeky wink!). But before you choose your ideal shoe design, go back to our first few lines and think to yourself if those shoes really stand for what you want to transmit. If yes, it’s a match, get your plastic out and buy those shoes. If not, keep scrolling down our article, we can guarantee you a good match further down. Lets do some Friday Shoe-Shopping! 

Looks And Shoes

OMG! Silver Slipper


DKNY Black Slipper


Kennel & Schmenger Black Booties


Gamloong Textil Slipper


Nike New Balance NB 996


Nike Lunar Converge


Walter Bauer Black Boots


Adidas Stan Smith All White


Images via Pinterest and Glamour Deutschland