Bell Sleeves And Chucks

Posted by April 8, 2016 - We L@VE Shoes
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Last week, I told you about how much I like the off-shoulder trend right now. This week, I want to show you another trend that I can’t get enough of: trumpet or bell sleeves. Last year and the year before that, we’ve had flared jeans, this year it’s all about flared sleeves ladies! I know that this trend probably isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I think especially for spring and summer, bell sleeves are THE thing! In case you’re afraid you end up looking like a lost ABBA-member, you don’t have to style your whole outfit too boho-esque. I like to keep the rest simple, by that you can let your top speak for itself and avoid that the flamboyant sleeves might be too much. I paired my striped top with bell sleeves from Zara with ripped black denim, a classic bag and a total evergreen in the footwear department (dare I say the most popular sneaker in the world?): Converse All Star Chucks. I also own the low tops, but this is my fifth or sixth pair of high tops since I got my first Chucks when I was a kid. I’ve mostly had them in black, and I’ve always worn them to death. This current pair is about two years old and just starting to look worn – but that’s the way you want your Chucks to look, right? I like the combo of the girly-ish boho top with all-black-everything, it’s a nice contrast. I can also see myself wearing the bell-sleeved top with all white, or ripped denim shorts and Birkis – as soon as the temperatures allow it. 

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By: We Are Stardust