5 Beauty Treatments You Need In Winter

Posted by January 5, 2016 - LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE

Winter season is a straining time for your body. Besides the holidays, with unhealthy food and alcohol as well as elaborated beauty and hair styles, also outside influences like coldness alternated with dry, hot air from the heating are stressing the hair and skin. Therefore it is necessary to extra-treat your body in winter from time to time. These 5 beauty treatments help to recover from stressful times, inside and exterior influences and leave you with a relaxed body (and soul). 

1. Clean and healthy nails

Not only the sensitive skin of the hands, also the nails need some extra moisture, attributable to the cold and dry air. The solution is cuticle oil. Massage it into your cuticles and let it dry. Then apply some nail care polish and pass on nail polish for some days.


2. Exfoliator

 Body or face scrubs give the skin a new glow and can be easily made by yourself. You just need to mix up granulated sugar, almond or olive oil and honey. While the sugar exfoliates dead skin, the oil provides it with moisture. 


3. Face Mask

According to the needs of your face skin, apply an appropriate beauty mask and leave it on for at least 1o minutes.  A real allrounder is the dead sea mud mask, because it fights skin blemishes like spots, clarifies and smoothens the skin and supplies it with moisture. Plus it goes for every skin type as it is not oily at all but still super moisturizing. 


4. Hair treatment

The hair is mostly strained by temperature changes which tend to dry it out a lot. A homemade hair mask of avocado, yoghurt and honey backfills the needed moisture and also cares for a natural shininess. 


5. Mud mask

A mineral mud body mask nourishes the skin, draws out toxins, and improves skin texture. For optimal results take a bath to relax your skin (and yourself) and open the pores before applying the mask.


pictures via PopSugar