Posted by October 15, 2014 - Music, Pop Culture, Videos

South London trio DEMS, whose first names make for a good alliteration (Dan, David and Duncan) have been around for a while now. What started as a solo project in Scotland grew into a London based band three years on, with November 3rd marking the release day of their debut album ‘Muscle Memory’ (Wikipedia tells us the following about the term muscle memory by the way:”Muscle memory has been used synonymously with motor learning, which is a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition”).


For DEMS ‘Muscle Memory’ refers as much to the process of performance and practice as it does to the narrative themes of their LP:  “From the routines of the dancer and artist friends that we collaborate with, to the preparation and rehearsal of MPC drum patterns, vocal melodies and guitar riffs for performance, the body has an incredible ability to store memory in the fibers that make us move and we found ourselves constantly examining that process while we were writing the album.”, they explain in an interview with Wonderland Magazine.

Recently the trio supported Azealia Banks at the Brixton Academy, despite their different sound to the Harlem raised rapper. Their sound which earns them comparisons with James Blake and SOHN amongst others is best described as echo-y electronic dream pop that when they play live is supported by a choir and strings. Sounds pretty epic and so is their video for latest single ‘Sense Of An Ending’ – watch below!

By Frock & Roll