Posted by December 9, 2014 - Music, Pop Culture

Corey Bowen is a rarity, not only has the artist kept pretty low-key up until now and still managed to score the support slot for Christopher Owens’ awaited UK tour but he is from Middlesbrough. Let’s just head over to Wikipedia and search for bands and artists from Middlesbrough and there isn’t a lot to be proud of. Actually the likes of Amelia Lily and James Arthur should better be left completely unmentioned in the scope of this post. Luckily Middlesbrough has Corey Bowen (and maybe (likely!) there is a lot of other creatives just waiting to be discovered from up north).


Bowen is easily linked with Mac DeMarco, like his Canadian counterpart he has a knack for creating floating pop ditties but there certainly can also be drawn comparisons to Girls/ Owens, especially obvious on the breezy ‘Let Him Be The One’. However, Corey Bowen is an artist in his own right especially showing in his very upbeat, flamboyant and multi-faceted song-writing.

Midnight Dolphins by Corey Bowen is out 10th November on Sexx Tapes.

By Frock & Roll