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Yes let’s face it end of the year lists are a little bit boring especially because in the end they always seem a little bit corporate, glad we’re mainly writing about friends’ bands and bands we discover and love so we’re all about support. We cherry-picked 10 acts that we fell for and kept pressing repeat.


We saw Our Girl support Cheatahs at The Lexington last month and were thoroughly impressed – we haven’t actually written about them yet, so it’s about time! The Brighton trio, kept on track by one of the slickest drummers and fronted by Soph Nathan, make themselves stand out with a sound that makes us think of Veronica Falls channeling MBV.

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Girlpool don’t have anybody to wield the drum sticks, instead Los Angeles based Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad manage just fine on their own playing bass and guitar led garage rock. Their set-up and sound is simplistic, yet they are impressing us with blues-y hooks  and seem to be bubbling over with coolness and grrrl power.

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Alvvays offer an insight in the diaries of 20 somethings touching on subjects of relationships, alcoholism and depression. If you’re still searching for the soundtrack of the summer for whirlwind romance or unrequited love look no further, the jangling, beachy guitar-pop of Alvvays won’t disappoint.

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Falmouth has lots to offer musically from Pastel Colours, to Red Cords and probably our very favourite when it comes to excellent songwriting: Goddam Nobody. It’s the moniker of Matthew Oliver, who also happens to play the bass for Pastel Colours and his solo project ranges between the fuzzyness of Girls and Elvis Depressedly.

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Experimental Jelly by Tomorrows Tulips is perfectly described by its LP title. First track of Flower On The Wall taps into →Homeshake paired with Lou Reed vocals, not something you expect to work but it sure does. The experimental surf/pop rockers Alex Knost(guitar,vocals) and Ford Archbold (bass) delve into a somewhat melancholic side of psychedelia via lo-fi reverb.

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Corey Bowen is a rarity, not only has the artist kept pretty low-key up until now and still managed to score the support slot for Christopher Owens’ awaited UK tour but he is from Middlesbrough. Bowen is easily linked with Mac DeMarco, like his Canadian counterpart he has a knack for creating floating pop ditties. However, Corey Bowen is an artist in his own right especially showing in his very upbeat, flamboyant and multi-faceted song-writing.

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Closely tied to the Echopark scene L.A. band Fever The Ghost quickly made themselves a name with their spectral mish-mash of ’70s glam touchstones and tongue-in-cheek New Age. On their adventurous debut EP Crab In Honey, Fever The Ghost not only delivers on that promise but also ups the ante on this expertly-crafted collection of interstellar pop with surprises lurking around every corner.

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Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe have been mysteriously doling out their hypnotic brand of floor-filling electro-krautrock. In their short existence, members Sevi Landolt (organ/synths/vocals) and Daniel Bachmann (drums/vocals) have concocted a unique sound that pulls equally from motorik krautrock, skittering post-punk, organic Brazilian grooves and glittering dancefloor strut that practically begs to MOVE you.

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At the start of this year Juan Wauters released his solo debut album N.A.P. North American Poetry released via Captured Tracks. Wauters dreams big; coming into his own as a singer. Building on his songwriting, popularised by The Beets, Juan presents introspective tracks, like “Water” and “Sanity”, and reflections on humans’ relationship with technology in songs like Breathing.

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Vancouver singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr paints a romantic picture of a story of true love with some of the inevitable questions that come along with it; “Do you want me? Do you love me?”. ‘True Love’ is instantly a vigorous listen sending shivers down my spine and giving me goose bumps; I haven’t made such a personal and straight connection to a song in a long time. The solo piano ballad ‘True Love’ recalls ’70s John Lennon vibes with a magical and melancholic intensity. With the help of former Girls member Chet “JR” White Tobias Jesso Jr is no doubt set for great things.

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