The Only Ball Outfit You’ll Need This Season

Posted by January 11, 2017 - Austria, Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
Ball Outfit

January and February is the high season of balls and dancing events in Austria. Zuckerbäckerball, Elmayer-Kränzchen, WU Ball are just some among the many, many balls that are taking place in Vienna until the end of carnival time, and not to forget the famous Viennese Opera Ball!

Depending on the organizer of the event, the requirements of the outfit vary. While for some balls there is a very formal dresscode, with full-length gowns for the ladies and a tuxedo for the gents, for others a cocktail dress and a suit is more suitable. Just make sure to be informed about the proper dress code in advance and don’t confuse things. It could be embarrassing showing up at the Viennese Opera Ball in a short sexy dress, even more than coming to your prom in a Disney’s princess gown with a tiara. 

To make all the dress code-confusion a bit easier for you, we prepared an outfit, than can be worn to almost every ball here in Vienna. So if you plan to attend several balls, you don’t need to worry about preparing different dresses. And for the case that you are bored wearing the exact same outfit more often, you can change your shoes, which is even more fun. 

Under the motto ‘One Dress – Many Shoes!’ we assembled the perfect ball outfit for you. Go ahead and check it out!

 ball outfit

1. Peter Kaiser Black Pumps 2. Vigneron Leather Combination Pumps 3. Vigneron Pumps with Brooch 4. SMH Sequined Pumps 5. Lazzarini Sling Pumps 6. Lauren Ralph Lauren One-Shoulder Black Dress 7. KI6? WHO ARE YOU? Feather Jacket 8. Meshugge Rose Quartz Ring 14ct. Rose Gold 9. New One Rose Quartz and Rose Gold Earrings 10. Lazzarini Clutch


And if you are still longing for more awesome shoes to complete your ball outfit, check this out!