Back To The Roots

Posted by August 1, 2014 - LIFESTYLE, Trends
BC_article4_celine shoes

Clothes and accessories are made to cover our bodies, to dress them and give them a new look. The selection of available colours, prints and textures you find in stores is enormous. But why don’t we go back to square one, go back to what nature gave us and show our real bodies. Why not walk around naked? Hmmm, maybe too awkward. But no worries, we have an amazing solution for you: fashion that is inspired by the human body! Shoes in the shape of human feet, ear earrings or little human heads rings? It all exists and it actually all looks awesome. Here the proof:

Feet shoes by Celine:

I found these beauties at a sample sale in London and love them deeply since. Not only the perfect pedicure but also the shape itself makes them a real eye catcher. The heeled barefoot look can be combined with casual suits or girly dresses.

BC_article4_celine shoes_2 BC_article4_celine shoes_3

Ear earring by Percy Lau:

Percy Lau studied jewellery design at Central Saint Martins and is now running her own company in Hong Kong. Her ideas are very unique and special, it is always a pleasure to see her new projects. I am a huge fan of her work and also a proud owner of a few Percy Lau pieces. These earrings in the shape of human ears are a perfect addition to a casual everyday look.

BC_article4_percy lau earrings

Head rings by Sabinna:

Those 3D printed imitations of my very own face are part of my Central Saint Martins graduation collection. I have to admit that it is kind of spooky to see a mini version of yourself on other people’s hands, but at the same time it is also amazing. You can either wear them as a single lady on one of your fingers, or you go for a full army of Sabinnas.

BC_article4_sabinna rings

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