Back In Austria And Back To The Basics

Posted by December 5, 2016 - Austria, Fashion, Things We L@VE

I’ve made it – I’m back from Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Last Sunday, my whole family picked me up from the airport in Vienna. With dark under eye circles, my boots and a cosy sweater I waved at them from far away already at the moment I saw them. Some tears were shed and I realized how grateful I am to have people around me who are always here for me. Only a few hours later I had my first dinner with typical dark Austrian bread. You can’t imagine how tasty a normal loaf of bread can taste after living in the land of toast for three whole months. After suffering from a jetlag for a few days I somehow managed to recover quickly and already started to adjust my life a bit. Many changes happened, my daily routine here is totally different and in addition, it’s so cold outside! Fortuntately I’m able to wear my scarf and a warm wool coat – I especially enjoyed going for a long walk in the early morning (yes, the jetlag really got me for the first few days). But you know what? A couple of days ago, temperatures went up again, even here in Europe.

And here they are: One of my favorite pair of shoes ever: A classic pair of Chucks by Converse. In black, of course. I think everybody should have a pair of them because they’re the perfect choice on casual days. Since I’m kind of a 90ies kid, Chucks always make me feel like I’m a teenie again. They got a certain vibe which I totally embrace and they’re still in fashion which is so great too. Are you craving them now? Feel free to have a look at a classic pair here, but for you winter loving snow bunnies here’s also a winter version of it because who wants to get cold feet anyways? When it’s chilly outside I love wearing oversized pullovers, especially when they’re made of cashmere or cozy wool which isn’t itchy on my skin. Since I’ve been gone for three months, there’s a lot to do back here in Austria. I’m taking it slow for the first time in my life and decided to slowly develop my new routine here. Actually, there won’t be any routine – I have so many different things to do so I’m quite sure I won’t get bored at all.

xx from Austria,


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