6 Helpful Tips To Avoid Beauty Disasters

Posted by December 5, 2014 - LIFESTYLE

It’s Monday and you’re tired, you just finished getting ready and look in the mirror one last time before you leave and you realize you look crazy. Well, this has happened to all of us at least once, beauty disasters we just cannot avoid- but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin our day. The things we look at as a disaster sometimes have simple solutions if you know the right tricks. So in order to put your best foot forward we put together a list of our least favorite beauty mishaps and how to avoid them in the future.

1. Kink In Your Day


Issue: You’ve been wearing your hair up all day but you lost your hair elastic.

The Fix: Use a hair straightener to get rid of the crazy kink your ponytail left.

2. Too Much Bronzer


Issue: Your lighting wasn’t so good in the morning and you accidentally applied way to much bronzer… and now you’re left looking like an orange.

The Fix: The way to give your face a natural skin tone again without starting all over is to cover it up! Slightly dampen a sponge and apply either foundation in your natural skin tone or concealer.

3. Cake Face


Issue: You put on a bit too much mattifying powder.

The Fix: The key is to get some moisture back into your face so you don’t look like a cake face, either use a moisture spray or a tiny dab of moisturizer¬†¬†

4. You Feel A Zit Coming On


Issue: You woke up with a pain under your skin that can only mean one thing: a zit!

The Fix: Go no further than your kitchen. “Consider a warm compress of green tea,” Dr. Palm says. “Green tea releases catechins, [which are] antioxidants that reduce inflammation. The warmth also increases circulation to the area of the blemish to allow it to heal more quickly.”

5. Hair That Defies The Laws Of Physics


Issue: Your super stylish beanie is creating so much static in your hair you look like a mad scientist.

The Fix: oil is the key. either save your beanie for the days between hair washings or use a silicone based hair oil to avoid all the static. Just make sure to occasionally use a clarifying shampoo to avoid product build up.

6. Lipstick Vanishing Act


Issue: Your lipstick is fading but you forgot to bring your tube for touch-ups.

The Fix: This might not be the answer you want to hear but the best solution is to wipe it off. Use circular motions to get the circulation flowing and it will create a nice rouge and a healthy pout. Follow up with a moisturizing balm for comfort and hydration.

By Notorious Mag