Austrian Fashion In Shanghai: Re-Fashioning Austria

Posted by October 7, 2016 - Art, Austria, Design, Fashion, Pop Culture
Austrian Fashion

Austrian Fashion does not have the very best reputation abroad. False! The field of domestic fashion is much wider and more complex than commonly believed. It’s an interdisciplinary area, that includes several different sectors as art, design, handcraft, but also photography, merchandising, advertisement and much more. 

A new exhibition, taking place in the Chinese city of Shanghai, is now giving an extensive insight into the diverse array of the Austrian fashion scene. Curated by Claudia Rosa Lukas, designer and editor of AUSTRIANFASHION.NET, together with Vera Bao from the Liu Haisu Art Museum, contributions by over 70 Austrian designers and artist are on display.


Re-Fashioning Austria is the title of the exhibition, which is taking place at the Liu Haisu Art Museum, that just re-opened its doors again. It is going on from October 1st until October 25th, with an opening ceremony on the 8th. Showed are works of fashion, textiles, photography and animations from the past 20 years, along with some exclusively for this occasion commissioned projects. The history and current state of Austrian fashion with it’s contemporary trends and streams and an overview of the educational establishments are communicated. A focus point is composed by selected clothing ensembles and collection pieces are internationally established. 

After 3 years of construction works, the Liu Haisu Art Museum opened again this March. It is named after Liu Haisu, a founder of the Chinese New Art Movement and was first opened in 1995. With Shanghai as an internationally important and trend-setting metropolis, the perfect location has been found to communicate Austria’s rich cultural heritage!

See below some works of the displaying artist…

Carolin Heider_Stellecke

Carolin Heider

Arthur Arbesser (c) Henrik Blomqvist

Arthur Arbesser 

Awareness and Consciousness_Esther Vörösmarty

Esther Vörösmarty

Brandmair (c) Irina Gavrich


Flora Miranda_Domen van de Velde

Flora Miranda

CarolinHolzhuber (c) Britta Burger

Carolin Holzhuber

Wendy&Jim_Voom Voom SS2015_ (c) Lukas Gansterer 

Wendy & Jim

Susanne Hammer (c) Susanne Hammer

Susanne Hammer

Sabinna (c) Benjamin Mallek


 Carolin Holzhuber (c) Catharina Pavischitz


Heirs (c) Andreas Waldschütz