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For us it was always important to support Austrian designers, no matter if they are start ups or established brands. So we decided that from time to time we are going to write here about our favourite fashion brands from Austria. Let’s start with Schella Kann.

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The love story between us and Schella Kann started over 6 years ago, when Sabinna was working for them. This gave us the possibility to learn so many things about this brand and how it functions. We witnessed the extremely high quality of their production and the huge dedication towards the design development. Schella Kann exists since more than 20 years and in September 2011 the brand finally opened its flagship store in Spiegelgasse 15, 1010 Vienna. Minimalistic interior and the lack of colour (in a good way!) gives the customer the possibility to focus more on the clothes.

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At the store you will find the main line Schella Kann and the second line Schella Kann 2, which is a little bit cheaper and more affordable. Sabinna is a proud owner of quite a few Schella Kann pieces, you can see them in the photos below. Also we selected some of our favourites from Schella Kann’s current collections. Fell in love just like we did? Then grab your purse and check out their shop!

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