Angelina Jolie – The Looks That Brad Is About To Miss

Posted by September 21, 2016 - Fashion, Film, LIFESTYLE
angelina jolie

Soo…the so-known as Brangelina empire is OVER, that’s no secret, since social media exploded into comments and Jennifer Aniston memes last night (which by the way, we have got to admit, some are really witty). However, all this Angelina Jolie movement got us thinking that we hadn’t looked into Angelina’s style in quite a long time.

Angelina has been in front of cameras and flashes for almost all her life and her style has gone through several different faces throughout the years. Her beginnings were quite dark, she had a very dark thing going on, black dresses, black make-up that contrasted with her big lips and powerful look. We believe though that her style has varied in the last years, although she still stays true to who she is, she has made better style choices.

Angelina has had the chance to attend many ceremonies where she has been seen with dresses of the world’s best designers and we have to say, she kills them all. On the other hand, in her daily life Angelina tends to go for more classic or basic combinations, like jeans, T-shirt and flat shoes, plain black dresses or all in black outfits. Angelina is the clear example of how black can be the most elegant and chic colour ever, she is a pro at wearing the basic colours to perfection; grey, black and white garments have no secrets for the actress. Meanwhile on the red carpets, she does experiment a little bit more with colours and rocks some outstanding and beautiful dresses that not many women could wear with such glamour and style.

Our total favourite look worn by Jolie to a red carpet must, without a doubt, be the emerald green dress she wore to The Golden Globes Awards, back in 2011, designed by the striking Versace Atelier especially tailor-made for her for that occasion. Absolutely stunning!

So as we promised, here are the best looks we believe Angelina has ever gone for.  

68th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalsangelina_double2 angelina_double3 angelina_double4 angelina_double5 angelina_double6 angelina_double7 angelina_double8 angelina_double9 angelina_double10 

Pictures via Harpers Bazaar and Pinterest