Angelina, Jennifer Or Marion – Which Style Type Are You?

Posted by September 26, 2016 - Fashion, Film, LIFESTYLE
Angelina Jolie 4

After the voices about the news of Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s breakup slowly got quieter in the media, a new rumor was spread: Marion Cotillard, french actress and wife of Guillaume Canet, was the reason of the separation because she and Brad are having an affair? Fortunately this bruit has been clarified quickly. When Marion herself declared it to be untrue on Instagram, she also announced her second pregnancy. Now, even her husband raised his voice against the yellow press. 

Cotillard and Pitt met on the set of the movie “Allied” which comes to cinemas later this year. So an affair between the two would have been evocative of Brad’s and Angelina’s beginnings.. 

Now, that all that gossip about Angelia, Brad, Marion and also Jennifer Aniston – which is said to finally got her payback – seems to be mostly over (or at least it’s getting quieter), we want to have a look and a talk about the three different styles of this ladies. They have for sure ONE thing in common: an excellent sense for fashion. Even though, their tastes are completely different. Angelina’s looks can be described as rather classy, but with a vampy-y touch and lots of black involved in her outfits. Jennifer is more the casual yet elegant type. When off the red carpet, her essentials are sneakers, a big scarf and a blazer jacket. Marion Cotillard on the other side, is the typical french girl: romantic, feminin and always très Parisienne! 

Below, we present three typical looks of the three graces, plus a shoe suggestions for every type. Now the question left is, which style comes closest to yours? Are you rather the relaxed Jennifer, the sexy Angelina or the romantic Marion? 

Angelina’s Style

Angelina Jolie

Shoes That Angelina Would Totally Wear:

Black Boots!


HÖGL Boots



Jennifer’s Style

Jennifer Aniston

Shoes That Jennifer Would Totally Wear:

White Sneakers!





Marion’s Style

marion cotillard

Shoes That Marion Would Totally Wear: 

Pointy Pumps!


SMH Pumps


Images via InStyle, Pinterest