Alice Through The Looking Glass – Get The Look

Posted by May 31, 2016 - Fashion, Film, LIFESTYLE, Pop Culture, Things We L@VE

Last weekend was the opening of Alice Through The Looking Glass, the sequence of Alice In Wonderland, from Lewis Carroll. Both films are visually impressive, which is what you actually expect from a Tim Burton production.

In Alice Through The Looking Glass, we meet a grown-up Alice, struggling with the meaning of life – death, destiny, past and future – but making her biggest adventure out of these questions.

Before you rush to get the tickets and the jumbo-popcorn-nachos-coke combo, and disappear into the dark room, how about to cosplay Alice Through The Looking Glass or just Alice?

We have some ideas for you.


Alice Chinese inspired suit is very similar to the last Gucci Summer 2016 collection. It’s all about embroidered silk in bright color and mixed patterns. 

Buy the pants here. The bomber jacket, here.

alice-through-looking-glass-get-the-look-3 alice-through-looking-glass-get-the-look-2 

To keep the Asia look in its perfection, Alice wear white socks with Espadrille. 

Buy the espadrille here.


If you don’t feel cosplay like Alice, try The hatter, played by Jonny Depp, wearing a green jacket with a bow blouse. We found a good duo at J.Crew and Gucci again.

alice-through-looking-glass-get-the-look-9 alice-through-looking-glass-get-the-look-4

This rose gold espadrille is the best combination. Here!


In Alice Through the Looking Glass, Alice Kingsleigh has spent the past few years following in her father’s footsteps and sailing the high seas. Her outfits as a sailor are just amazing, like this long navy coat trimmed with silk in yellow gold.

We’ve found a Burberry Prorsum for you on net-a-porter.


To be paired with heavy black boots and a cotton backpack. Here  and here.



With those clothes and shoes, if you like Alice, look through the looking glass, what would you see? A gorgeous adventuress!