Posted by February 9, 2016 - We L@VE Shoes

We all have those accessories which get better with age.  Getting old may seem like a hell of a problem for the most of us but not for some of our favourite pieces. Just like good wine and Johnny Depp some things just get better with time. 

Some shoes can be worn out and still look amazing. By wearing them, you just give them your own personal touch. A perfect example are converses. The dirtier and more worn out they get, the better. However, our timeless sneakers like the Converse, Super Star, and Stan Smiths are not the only pair of shoes which never age – the Birkenstock has also proved it is here to stay. This retro feeling sandal has stood up to the test of time and if you know anyone who has ever owned a pair, you will know they last forever!




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