Afternoon tea in London

Posted by July 25, 2014 - LIFESTYLE
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Planning a holiday or weekend get away in London? Living in London and expecting your family to come for a visit? Well then you need to go out for an afternoon tea! An afternoon tea is not only an important British tradition but also a true festival for the palate. It usually consists of a selection of sandwiches, different pastries, scones with clotted cream and jam and of course a pot of tea. We checked out the best afternoon tea places in London and selected our 2 favourites to share with you.



Sketch is a beautiful restaurant/bar located in the centre of London, just around the corner of Regent street. The magic of Sketch starts already with its interior. Three different rooms, all carrying an individual design and perfect detailing, offering you the prefect location for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. From time to time they change the designs of these rooms, so at the moment you have the possibility to drink an Earl Grey in a fully pink room with the most comfy pink seats and cushions. But enough about the interior, let’s get to the yummy part: the food! If you fancy an afternoon at Sketch you better make sure to book a table in advance, especially if you are bringing a big group of people. This place is very, very popular and you don’t want to be send away due to lack of spaces. The booking process is very easy and comfy as it can be done online, just hop over to The price for a classic afternoon tea is £39 (around 49€) , which is not a hot deal, but you will get something for that price, trust us, it’s worth every penny. We won’t describe in detail what the afternoon tea plate looks like, we will show you photos that are speaking for themselves. Getting hungry?

The Harrods Terrace


As the name already says The Harrods Terrace is located in the famous department store Harrods. We went there for a little shopping tour and accidentally discovered the restaurant, which not only has a comfy inside dining possibility but also a super beautiful terrace with a great view. We were very surprised that we got a table for 5 people without booking in advance and we were even more astonished about the prices for the afternoon tea: £26 (around 32€). As you see it is cheaper than Sketch, but also the plate is a bit smaller. At the end we were still very satisfied and full, all the pastries were so delicious! Especially the scones are an absolute dream. The tea selection is also amazing, we recommend to try out the Rose tea, as it is served with real roses! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

By Broken Cookies