11 Adventurous Home Design Ideas

Posted by December 4, 2014 - Design

Redesigning can be a hassle, but you would be surprised how much of a difference it can make in your every day life. Especially with the new year coming up, it is the perfect time to make a resolution to refresh. A switch from the basic to your own unique designs can breath new life into your home. It is a fun task that requires you to get your creative juices flowing! Here we have provided a bit of inspiration to get the process started.

1. Upholster Your Door

Add some nail heads to your door to create the upholstered look. It will bring your door to the next level.


2. Add A POP Of Color

Somethings you just cannot hide, so why not make them pop? If you have ugly things in your home like pipes and radiators choose an accent color and bring them to life!


 3. Make A Copper Headboard

It will upgrade your regular bedroom in a room that looks like a designer hotel.


 4. Ombre The Entire Room

You can do this with wall paper or a DIY paint job.


 5. Stripe Your Floor

This can be done with either paint or tape, and will give your room a unique edge… because I mean, how many people have a cool floor anymore.


 6. Try Mismatching Tiles

A nice backslash is over looked in most kitchens and bathrooms, but it an easy way to give your room a bohemian charm.


 7. Pull Out The Markers And Draw

Just make sure you have a steady hand for this one.


8. Create A Tabletop Design From Your Loose Change

We all have an abundance of loose 1 or 2 cent coins we don’t really know what to do with. if you glue them to a flat surface like a table it makes a really cool design.


9. Make Your Stairs Pop

Use any left over pain you have from any other home design project and go to town with this one!


10. Make A Rainbow Stained-Glass Window

This door is created with mounted Pantone swatches.


11. Turn Your Room Into A Chalk Bored

This one is easy and really fun. You can get black board paint and paint the entire room – or just one wall if you want. It is perfect becasue you can change your room design on a whim.


By Notorious Mag