Adding Some Christmas Spirit To Your Everyday Looks

Posted by December 19, 2016 - Austria, Germany, LIFESTYLE, We L@VE Shoes
Christmas Spirit

Its December, we only have two days till the official start of the winter and five days till the magical night everyone has been waiting for and exactly for all these reasons we want to show you how to add some Christmas spirit to your everyday looks. During the winter we tend to dress in grey and dark hues, but why shouldn’t we be adding some redness to our looks or even some yellow or greenish hues? They give much more spirit to an everyday look and it makes it so much more Christmassy. It is only Christmas once a year, so let’s make the most out of it.

There are two specific colours, that everyone identifies with the Christmas spirit; red and green. These two colours are lively colours that stand for nature, passion and many other things, but the most important fact is, that they stand for Christmas. We strongly believe some red or green can totally Christmass-up any everyday look and make it look magical. The good thing about these hues is that they can be combined with any dark colour, meaning that it is perfect for the colder months.

So lets go straight to the point, we have selected the most beautiful products in these tones and put them all together into this article so you can start surfing and buying every single piece. Hurry up, there is only five days till Christmas Eve and these are the days on which the spirit should be at its fullest. Plus, there is no way you can say no these beautiful items, I mean, honestly.

So here are the twelve coolest red and green items you should be having a look at the next few days. Lets Ho, ho, ho our closet for the next few days!

Vigneron Bordeaux Boots / Michael Kors Shopper Bag / Gamloong Platform Velvet Slipper

Zara Green Beenie Hat / Vigneron Block Heel Shoes / Tommy Hilfiger Sneakers

Lazzarini Purse / Michael Kors Cross Over Bag / Vigneron Booties

Gamloong Green Boots / Lazzarini Shopper Bag / Gant Mandy Rubber Boots

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