The Accessories Carrie Bradshaw Would Totally Wear This Weekend

Posted by March 31, 2017 - Fashion, LIFESTYLE, Things We L@VE
Carrie Bradshaw

There is a true fact in terms of style and that is; that Carrie Bradshaw ’s style will never, ever go away. SJP gave life to the character that made our fashion senses bloom and made us start dreaming of shoes like Carrie Bradshaw did in the series. This is the exact reason why we like going back to Carrie every now and then and refresh our inspirations with the help of the Sex in The City girls. So since the weekend has already arrived, why not think of some cool accessories to match our sunny weekend outfits, by the hand of Miss Bradshaw.


Saturday Coffee Break

Saturday is a perfect day to do all the things you have no time to do during the week, however a trip to the library can always be topped up with a good coffee break in the park or with some friends in a nice city terraza. Here are the accessories Carrie would totally go for, for a busy Saturday morning running around.


Guess Shopper Bag  /  Tommy Hilfiger

Fancy Saturday Dinner

Everyone is up for a nice Saturday fancy dinner out, specially if the nights are slowly becoming warmer and warmer. A sassy dress, some fake fur and a nice commination of boots and a clutch would totally be Carries cup of tea.

Lazzarini Clutch  /  Lazzarini Booties

Sunday Brunch In The City

Probably one of our favourite plans during a weekend. There is nothing better than a nice filling brunch in a trendy place downtown. In this case Carrie went for a very colourful look that contracted perfectly with the rain, so here are the accessories she would aim for, for a Sunday brunch in the city.

Gabor Shopper Bag  /  Guess Sandalette 

Images via Pinterest and Bustle