A Carrie Bradshaw Guide To Shoes

Posted by February 16, 2017 - Fashion, Pop Culture

Sex and the City is an iconic show of the recent past, a milestone in the history of TV. One either hates it or loves it, but on one thing all fashion lovers must all agree: Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes are fabulous. Walking around the streets of New York City, this woman really knows what to wear – from head to toes: Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and way beyond. Sarah Jessica Parker, who embodies bubbly, stylish Carrie, even created her own line which reminds us of her impeccable foot-style in the show…coincidence?

The actress herself is as much a fashion icon as the role she is playing – both their styles have been copied a million times since the show premiered in the late 90s. And even if it’s been already more than 10 years that Carrie Bradshaw finally got her missing shoe from Mr. Big, she is still on top of all style inspiring women. 

This ultimate chart illustrates Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes is the best way to spot them all; also, you can buy it on PopChart Lab if you are in need of some serious fashion wall art.


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